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Business name/Project name Sector Location
Staffing Service company Human Resources and Staffing ServicesCanada
Unique Processing project ( Pepper products sourced )Food and Beverage, E-commerceCanada
African Donuts as Taste of Africa in WinnipegFood and Beverage, E-commerceCanada
Made in ManitobaTourism and HospitalityCanada
Made in ManitobaFashion and SustainabilityCanada
Visit ManitobaTourism and HospitalityCanada
Cultural Exchange ProgramTourism and HospitalityCanada
Pet Care Tech PlatformAnimals and TechnologyCanada
Local Artisanal Food Subscription BoxFood and Beverage, E-commerceCanada
Tech Repair and Recycling ServiceTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
EdTech for Lifelong LearningTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Smart Transportation SolutionsSmart Transportation SolutionsCanada
Eco-Fashion BrandFashion and SustainabilityCanada
Tourism Experience PlatformTourism and HospitalityCanada
Healthcare Access AppHealthcare , Technology and Wellness PlatformCanada
Environmental Services and Home ImprovementGreen Home ServicesCanada
Remote Work Solutions ProviderTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Local Food Delivery PlatformFood and Agriculture IndustryCanada
Smart Building Retrofitting:Technology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Aquaculture (Fish Farming and Aquaponics)Food and Agriculture IndustryCanada
Circular Fashion InitiativesFashion and SustainabilityCanada
Skills Development and EducationTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
The Smart City Data Analytics PlatformTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Remote Work InfrastructureTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Drone Delivery ServicesTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Smart Aging SolutionsTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Urban Farming IncubatorsFood and Agriculture IndustryCanada
Indigenous Artisan MarketplaceCreative Arts and Cultural TourismCanada
Energy and Renewable ResourcesEnvironmental Sustainability, Canada
Climate Resilient Infrastructure ProjectsEnvironmental Sustainability, Canada
Blockchain Technology and Supply Chain ManagementTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Food Waste Reduction InitiativesEnvironmental Sustainability, Canada
Cultural Exchange and Arts FestivalsCreative Arts and Cultural TourismCanada
Smart Water Management SystemsEnvironmental Sustainability, Canada
Sports and Recreation, Youth Development, Community EngagementSports and RecreationCanada
Telecommunications/Information Technology (IT)Technology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Zero-Waste Festival SeriesEnvironmental Sustainability, Canada
Interactive History and Heritage WalksCreative Arts and Cultural TourismCanada
Riverfront Revitalization ProjectTourism and HospitalityCanada
Social Impact / Community DevelopmentTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Technology and Community EngagementTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Indigenous Language Preservation AppEducation and TrainingCanada
Interactive Urban Art InstallationsCreative Arts and Cultural TourismCanada
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for WomenEducation and TrainingCanada
Sustainable Agriculture Innovation ChallengeFood and Agriculture IndustryCanada
Eco-Tourism and Outdoor RecreationTourism and HospitalityCanada
Eco-Tourism Adventure TrailsTourism and HospitalityCanada
Local Food InnovationFood and Agriculture IndustryCanada
Plastic Waste Recycling HubEnvironmental Sustainability, Canada
Green Technology and TransportationGreen Transportation Innovation ChallengeCanada
Technology, Education, and Cultural PreservationTechnology, Education, and Cultural PreservationCanada
Tourism and HospitalityTourism and HospitalityCanada
Sustainable Fashion and AccessoriesSustainable Fashion and AccessoriesCanada
Transportation TechnologySmart Transportation SolutionsCanada
Health and Wellness Healthcare , Technology and Wellness PlatformCanada
Renewable Energy / Clean TechnologyCommunity Solar Power InitiativeCanada